Experience Butterfly Wings – The Play Via Photo

During the weekend of November 21st, 2008 I had the honor of attending and capturing “Claudine’s Story” ( A.K.A. Butterfly Wings “The Play”).

This brilliant production is the brain child of Rev. Shirrell McNeill who was given the inspiration by God to bring a Christian message to live theater.  Her theatrical direction was refined and perfected under the guidance of the director James A. House from H.O.U.S.E Arts group out of Cary, NC and Atlanta, GA and Melissa Wade from 103.9 FM The Light Radio Station.

If you didn’t have the chance to see this play then you really missed out on a real treat.  Once you view all the images then you will only start to see a glimpse of what it was like to experience the play live.

Note: Below you will be able to view all the images by playing the slideshow for the Friday Night performance as well as the Saturday Luncheon.

(View Full Gallery Of Pictures From Friday Night’s Performance In The Slide Show Below)

One of the hidden hero’s that worked behind the scenes is “Event Coordinator” Mrs. Cynthia Farmer.  She and her daughter Chelsey worked during the rehearsals and live performances to make sure that all the cast members  were well nourished.  Be sure to give her a call for your event planning needs.

(View Full Gallery Of Images From The Saturday Luncheon In Slide Show Below)

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2 thoughts on “Experience Butterfly Wings – The Play Via Photo

  1. sheila Best

    Anointed! Refreshing…hitting really close to home. This play deserved a full house and a standing ovation. Professional from start to finish. Bravo! We love it. All those who missed it…really missed it. We thank God for the vision, and the obedience that it took to walk it out. Depise not small beginnings. This is just the start of your breakthrough.

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