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January 2010 Snow – Durham, NC

It is a rare thing for Durham to get any amount of real snow.  Usually we see some flurries and then they are gone.   Today it started to snow and I decided to capitalize on the moment by taking my children outside for a few shots.  Below is what we captured before we rushed back in from the cold.








New Kwanzaa Poster For Roy’s Kountry Kitchen

I’m sure that you’ve heard of the phrase Finger Licking Good. Well that phrase applies to Roy’s Country Kitchen in Durham, NC.  If you want to give your taste buds a treat then take some time to stop by Roy’s Country Kitchen.

Roy’s Kountry Kitchen
2514 Fayetteville Street
Durham NC 27707
(919) 682-0939

Mrs. Brown has graciously allowed me to feature several of my photographs on the walls of her restaurant.     Through those pictures I met the contact which hired me to shoot the Kwanzaa celebration earlier this month.   Last Thursday I found myself really wanting some classic Turkey & Dressing.  While I was there Mrs. Brown asked if I could bring some of the Kwanzaa pictures in to put on the walls of the restaurant.   My response to her was that I would make her a large montage to display on the wall.


 The poster below will be printed at 30 inches by 40 inches. It will be printed onto UV protected vinyl. An additional 3 inches of material is at the top and bottom so that pockets can be created for 1 inch dowels. It will be hung to the wall via thin black rope attached to the top dowel. The dowel on the bottom will help it to hang taut.  A well thought out presentation and attention to fine detail can make all the difference in how our work is perceived.


American Institute of Architects Triangle Chapter – Video

I had the opportunity to work with the AIA organization on a video featuring some of their architects.   Unfortunately, I did not perform the video taping of each person therefore I had to work with footage given to me.  However, my job was to create the intro and marry all the video clips together into a streaming video for the internet.  It was a fun and challenging task to create the 3D world that you see in the beginning of the video.

New Business Card For 2010

I decided that for 2010 I would change my business card. At first I was going to go with a very simple minimalist approach which consisted of my logo, website and other contact information on a solid black card.

You know….. the whole “less is more” train of thought….

However, I rethought that and said that I’d like a card that is visually engaging and encourages the person to look at the card.  Sort of like a mini billboard or advertisment.

While eating dinner and watching my kids play Mrs. Pac Man on my T.V. the card below slowly started to take shape.

Here is my new card for 2010 .


Kwanzaa – Durham, NC Celebration 2009

This past Friday I had the “rare” privilege and hired PERMISSION to photograph the Kwanza celebration in downtown Durham.  WOW is all that I can say because there were many colors,  faces and movements to try and capture.  The number of people that attended was impressive and the crowd really enjoyed the dancers, spoken word artists and other aspects of the event.  Not everyone wants their picture to be shown therefore only a few are shown below.   If you’re in the Durham area next year then be sure to come out and help support the many vendors and the promoters of this historic African American Cultural Celebration.