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The Engagement of Takelia & Charleston

I met Charleston and Takelia and ever since we had our first meeting the three of us have just gotten along really well.  Looking back during our initial interview process we ended up just shooting the breeze verses talking business about taking photographs.  It is refreshing to meet a young couple that both love the Lord and want to do things God’s way.   As you can tell by the photo’s below they are very out going and love to be in each other’s company.

(View The Slide Show Below)

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Experience Butterfly Wings – The Play Via Photo

During the weekend of November 21st, 2008 I had the honor of attending and capturing “Claudine’s Story” ( A.K.A. Butterfly Wings “The Play”).

This brilliant production is the brain child of Rev. Shirrell McNeill who was given the inspiration by God to bring a Christian message to live theater.  Her theatrical direction was refined and perfected under the guidance of the director James A. House from H.O.U.S.E Arts group out of Cary, NC and Atlanta, GA and Melissa Wade from 103.9 FM The Light Radio Station.

If you didn’t have the chance to see this play then you really missed out on a real treat.  Once you view all the images then you will only start to see a glimpse of what it was like to experience the play live.

Note: Below you will be able to view all the images by playing the slideshow for the Friday Night performance as well as the Saturday Luncheon.

(View Full Gallery Of Pictures From Friday Night’s Performance In The Slide Show Below)

One of the hidden hero’s that worked behind the scenes is “Event Coordinator” Mrs. Cynthia Farmer.  She and her daughter Chelsey worked during the rehearsals and live performances to make sure that all the cast members  were well nourished.  Be sure to give her a call for your event planning needs.

(View Full Gallery Of Images From The Saturday Luncheon In Slide Show Below)

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Lady Dionna – Model Shoot

Have you ever met someone who’s personality is so energetic, bubbly and out going that it becomes contagious.  Well that is how Dionna is.  On Saturday morning around 9:20 am I received the call asking…. “Are You Ready To Shoot?”.  Yes, I was ready… this is one of those shoots that I’ve been waiting for.   Dionna has the personality as well as the looks to go with it.  She’s one of those gals that are just fun to be around and she will even give you a high five if she’s in agreement with you.

We took a lot of images, only a few are here, but the one below has to be my favorite.  I’ll never forget I was trying to demonstrate this pose and as you can imagine… me trying to show this pose  “ain’t” a pretty site.  However, Dionna nailed it and turned it into a piece of art.  I will let you in on a secret….  after this pose Dionna said… “Whew man  that pose hurt…. but we got it lol.”  

So here is my public thanks to her for just putting up with my requests because I know this is a demanding pose to try and hold with the chair digging into your neck all while trying to keep a straight line.








You can be assured that you will see more images of Lady Dionna in the future.

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Candice – Model Shoot

This past weekend I had the chance to hookup with Candice to do a photoshoot at Duke Gardens.  Boy was it busy and people were everywhere but everything worked out really well.  Her husband came along and he made my job a lot easier. Having a second pair of hands really helped the shoot to move along at faster pace.  He helped me lug the gear around kept an eye on it while we were shooting and the rest is history.

I’ll never forget when I saw the deep blue sky I said.. I’ve got to grab a shot of you in front of that sky.

We only had time for two changes of clothes but once the afternoon was complete we had some fantastic images.








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Senior – Tiffany

I had the honor to take senior portraits of Tiffany.  When she asked if I would do her pictures I thought I had a long time to get them done but I was wrong.  I received a call from her grand mother letting me know that the due date for photos was within the next two weeks.    At that point  it was time to boost the priority so that we would have enough time to come up with a few concepts. 

As I talked with Tiffany the main thing that became clear was that she didn’t want your standard run of the mill senior photos (outdoors, in the grass, sunlight coming the hair…etc).  Her request was that she wanted a glamor/modeling style set of images created.    We put our heads together and below are just a handful of the images that came from our efforts.





Tiffany is a real trooper. One of the images that she wanted involved a wall with an interesting design.  We headed to downtown Durham and believe it or not.. shot these next two images in 36 degree (fahrenheit) weather. 



Although the image below is not a modeling/glamour we through it in just to say that we had one standard type of portrait.


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