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Ivan Watkins Joins Forces With Viewfinders Media

The partnership has finally been made official.  I have the privilege of being the official photographer for Viewfinders Media.  This partnership will help to expand both of our offerings in video and photography for a diversified range of clients.

Below is a photograph that we  captured of the core team members.


Antonio Davis, Chrisann Parr, Tolly Carr & Ivan Watkins.


Collaborative Project with Type Media & Model Lynette ‘lay’ Ashlee

This was a collaborative project between Type Media, model Lynette ‘lay’ Ashlee and myself.   The success of this shoot was the result of the three of us working together to carefully craft the images.   The quick breakdown is as follows:   Johnny (Photographer/Artistic Director),  Lynette (Model) & Ivan (Photographic Lighting).   You can find Johnny and Lynette’s contact information further below.



Artistic Direction & Photography
Johnny J. Jones of Type Media
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Johnny of Jones of Type Media provided the location, artistic direction, captured and edited the images.

Photographic Lighting and Technical Detail
I was in charge of designing and implementing the photographic lighting scheme for the various scenes,  assisting with technical issues and whatever else was needed.  Man was it difficult to resist the urge to get out my camera.

Modeling & Makeup
Model Lynette ‘lay’ Ashlee
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Lynette did what she does well which is provide the posing,  makeup,  clothing and her natural photogenic presence.