January 2010 Snow – Durham, NC

It is a rare thing for Durham to get any amount of real snow.  Usually we see some flurries and then they are gone.   Today it started to snow and I decided to capitalize on the moment by taking my children outside for a few shots.  Below is what we captured before we rushed back in from the cold.








10 thoughts on “January 2010 Snow – Durham, NC

  1. Sheila Best

    You are truly anointed to do this…beautiful children and exceptional pictures…keep doing what you are doing! Love the Best Family!

  2. bev

    Are BJ and Aleah plugging for a modeling gig? These are great!!! Looking forward to the ones that you’re BOUND to send out as the snow increases…..I love your work!!!!!

  3. maria

    OH, and that pic of the teen—one for facebook fame!!! (smile) don’t tell him I (his BIG cuz) said that!

  4. Libby

    These are outstanding to say the least! The first shot looks like something straight out of a sci-fi film. Now the question is, did you play in the snow? Where’s that pic?! :-)

  5. Fatima

    Oh!! I’m SOOOO JEALOUS right now, sensai…lol. I tried to capture JP and Akierra and my pictures sucked so much, I just gave up!! Junior said I’d been better of using the point ans shoot…lol.
    HELP ME!! These are AWESOME!! I’ll get there some day:-(

  6. Fatima

    P.S..Bring these Jr. models out for NC FASHION WEEK auditions…Feb 20th @ 1PM at the Morrisville Outlet Mall area 500.

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