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January 2010 Snow – Durham, NC

It is a rare thing for Durham to get any amount of real snow.  Usually we see some flurries and then they are gone.   Today it started to snow and I decided to capitalize on the moment by taking my children outside for a few shots.  Below is what we captured before we rushed back in from the cold.








New Kwanzaa Poster For Roy’s Kountry Kitchen

I’m sure that you’ve heard of the phrase Finger Licking Good. Well that phrase applies to Roy’s Country Kitchen in Durham, NC.  If you want to give your taste buds a treat then take some time to stop by Roy’s Country Kitchen.

Roy’s Kountry Kitchen
2514 Fayetteville Street
Durham NC 27707
(919) 682-0939

Mrs. Brown has graciously allowed me to feature several of my photographs on the walls of her restaurant.     Through those pictures I met the contact which hired me to shoot the Kwanzaa celebration earlier this month.   Last Thursday I found myself really wanting some classic Turkey & Dressing.  While I was there Mrs. Brown asked if I could bring some of the Kwanzaa pictures in to put on the walls of the restaurant.   My response to her was that I would make her a large montage to display on the wall.


 The poster below will be printed at 30 inches by 40 inches. It will be printed onto UV protected vinyl. An additional 3 inches of material is at the top and bottom so that pockets can be created for 1 inch dowels. It will be hung to the wall via thin black rope attached to the top dowel. The dowel on the bottom will help it to hang taut.  A well thought out presentation and attention to fine detail can make all the difference in how our work is perceived.


New Business Card For 2010

I decided that for 2010 I would change my business card. At first I was going to go with a very simple minimalist approach which consisted of my logo, website and other contact information on a solid black card.

You know….. the whole “less is more” train of thought….

However, I rethought that and said that I’d like a card that is visually engaging and encourages the person to look at the card.  Sort of like a mini billboard or advertisment.

While eating dinner and watching my kids play Mrs. Pac Man on my T.V. the card below slowly started to take shape.

Here is my new card for 2010 .


Family Reunion 2009 – Turkey Day

This past Thursday I was blessed to spend time with my family.  Each Thanksgiving we have a family reunion and it is a memorable experience to break bread, laugh and just spend time with the people that have played an important part in my life.    Below are a series of images that I captured on Thursday in between relaxing and savoring all the food.  We had everything from youth showing their latest dance moves, to talent shows and just children having fun clowning around.




ILW Photography To Be Featured In Local Restaurant

This past week I was given permission to have my photography featured at a local Restaurant.   Below are the photographs and collages that will be on display as 16×20 prints.  Giving all thanks to God through His Son Jesus for any opportunity that He gives me to help let people know about the service that I provide.

Click each picture to see a larger version.













Doing Homework

Today I told the children to make sure that they get their homework done because we have things to do this evening.   I noticed that the normal chatter from my little girl wasn’t taking place.  Actually, it was too quiet.   I thought.. man this is nice. She is buckling down and getting her assigments out of the way.   When I got up to check on her this is what I found.  

It can be a bad thing when your parent is a photographer.   If the Lord allows me to live a long life then I’m going to bring this back to her remembrance when she’s an adult with her own children.  This is going in the family photo album.


Making The ILW Photo Booth

Today I had the chance to make some great contacts as well as meet other people in various lines of business.  The opportunity to setup a photo booth was given to me.


Watch the slideshow below to see the making of the ivanwatkins Photography & Video photo booth.












Super Bowl 43- Event Planner Cynthia Farmer

Last night I was invited to the super bowl party of Rev. Joe and Shirrell McNeill. For the food, Event Coordinator Cynthia Farmer was brought in to ensure that everyone would have enough eats as they yelled, screamed, stomped, did high fives, showed disappointed and talked smack during the game. At one point I saw two ladies making a lot of noise, jumping around and giving each other LOUD high fives directly in front of the screen. At that point in time I had already put my camera away but boy do I wish I had it at that time.

Okay let’s get back to the eats. I was given strict orders that after I captured the food I had to lock my camera up in my car so that I wouldn’t be taking pictures all night. The whole point was that they were going to force me to relax verses working and capturing the moments.

Below you will see some of the food related decorations from Cynthia Farmer as well as some strategically placed candles to help with the friendly atmosphere.

The Snow of 2009

On January 20, 2009 North Carolina Received it’s first real snow since October of 2007. Yeah, it’s been a while since the children have had the chance to play in real snow. I was also inspired by a young photographer named Kelly who sent me pictures of todays snow. My oldest boy is nowhere to be seen in these pictures. He said that it was too cold to be going outside to play in the snow.




Christian came into the house and said DAD… I’m finished making the snowman.  I went out side and couldn’t find it.   Well it turns out that the snow man was only about 12 inches tall.


NEBC’s Youth Revival 2008

We experienced another exciting week at North East Baptist Church as the 2008 Youth Revival was being held.  The purpose of the revival was to :





From Wednesday through Friday (Sept 17 – 19) the youth met  to experience praise and worship on THEIR level.    So what does one mean by using the phrase “THEIR LEVEL”?

  1. It means ministering to them with Gospel music produced in various genre’s (where you can still easily hear the Gospel message)  and not bore them to sleep.
  2. It means placing before them preachers that specialize in  “Getting Real” and addressing the issues that our children face everyday by sharing with them what the Word of God has to say about it.
  3. It means talking to them using phrases that they can understand and relate to.
  4. It means allowing the youth to be surrounded by their peers and encouraging them to praise and worship God in the way they have been led.
  5. It means an experience of total immersion into God’s Word to the point that they don’t even know that their attention has been held the entire time.

Our God is all powerful, all knowing and present everywhere.  Therefore, we should not try and limit the diverse ways that God can use to transition a lost soul  from death to accepting Jesus Christ as their personal savior (life).

If a person is sick then they can take medicine via syringe,  IV, oral tablet, liquid medicine and now even patches that adhere to the skin. The important thing is that the medicine gets in the bloodstream so that it can do it’s job. There are a lot of children and grown folk that are spiritually sick. The Gospel of Jesus Christ, which is spiritual medicine,  is the cure for those ailments.

Have you ever had a child to throw up because you forced them to swallow medicine that tastes horrible?  Ever notice how you can have better success at delivering the medicine (where it can still do it’s job) if you sweeten the flavor or mix it in something that they like?  Well that is just what the youth leaders and NEBC did for this revival.

It was refreshing to see the youth leaders not try and force God to fit within a “traditionalist-I’m stuck in my narrow minded ways-view point” BOX.  They thought “outside the box” and shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that the youth were open to receiving the messages.

Right now it is a good point for me to stop and get to sharing the memories that were captured.


– Minister Ryan Brooks  was the speaker








– Minister Yvette D. Crawford was the speaker







– Minister Kia Hood was the speaker








Mechelle Lewis to the children.

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