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The Snow of 2009

On January 20, 2009 North Carolina Received it’s first real snow since October of 2007. Yeah, it’s been a while since the children have had the chance to play in real snow. I was also inspired by a young photographer named Kelly who sent me pictures of todays snow. My oldest boy is nowhere to be seen in these pictures. He said that it was too cold to be going outside to play in the snow.




Christian came into the house and said DAD… I’m finished making the snowman.  I went out side and couldn’t find it.   Well it turns out that the snow man was only about 12 inches tall.


Ms. 21 Years Old

Some shoots are more fun than others but this particular shoot was very enjoyable.  Featured here is Jaenise and she just turned 21 years old.  She came to me and said Mr. Watkins I would like to do a “Grown N Sexy” shoot for my 21st birthday.  The wheels in my head started to turn as I thought about some of the looks that we could try.

So here we are at the end of our shoot and I present to you Ms. “Grown N Sexy”.






And one to mix things up even more….

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The Foiler

I was kicking back thinking about what I could possibly create for my next liquid vision entry.  The idea of aluminum foil came to mind.   So I thought to myself “What about it? How can you make foil interesting in a way that people have never seen before?”.   Hmmmmm, how about a foil man, catching a foil ball rolling down a foil box (like a slide).

The idea to me was intriguing but there was yet another twist.  I wanted to be able to see the motion of the ball rolling and the man catching it.   So why did this appeal to me?  Because there was a photographic puzzle before me that had to be solved.    Not only did I have to light the scene but I had to figure out how to precisely control the light and make it do what I needed.

On the surface it seems simple but trust me…. its not.  Another variable that had to be factored into this puzzle was the timing of the ball moving freely.   Well enough of the brainy stuff….

There are no photoshop tricks involved to create this affect only a single frame was shot.  Enjoy.

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For this liquid vision series I decided to see what I could do with another every day mundane object….. my Kirby vacuum cleaner hose.  The pictures that you see below represent the images that I saw in my head.  The fun was in figuring out how to manipulate the light, shadow and the hose to actually make them come to life.

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