The Snow of 2009

On January 20, 2009 North Carolina Received it’s first real snow since October of 2007. Yeah, it’s been a while since the children have had the chance to play in real snow. I was also inspired by a young photographer named Kelly who sent me pictures of todays snow. My oldest boy is nowhere to be seen in these pictures. He said that it was too cold to be going outside to play in the snow.




Christian came into the house and said DAD… I’m finished making the snowman.  I went out side and couldn’t find it.   Well it turns out that the snow man was only about 12 inches tall.


3 thoughts on “The Snow of 2009

  1. Libby

    Check out that snowman! Too cute.

    I should have made myself go out and really take some photographs, but I was too lazy. I did take one or two pics though.

    Glad you all had fun!

  2. Frankie McDowell

    Man these kids today can’t make a real snowman like back in the day? LOL!! These pictures are great, but somehow it only makes me want to shoot some pictures at the beach. No snow for me and I’m loving it. Good work.

  3. sandra watkins

    Look at my beautiful babies!!! No matter how old they get, there is something so intriguing about the snow!!!! Great job dad!!!!

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