Valonda Calloway – Photoshoot

For anyone that has lived in the Triangle (NC) area for any length of time Mrs. Calloway’s face is a very familiar T.V. personality. Every time you would turn on the WRAL news Mrs. Calloway would be reporting on the breaking news which had just taken place.  She is now one of the hosts of the new T.V. Show “My Carolina Today”.  You can CLICK HERE TO SEE LEARN MORE about “My Carolina Today”.

When Valonda arrived she indicated that this was to be a fun shoot.   She didn’t want traditional “boring” portraiture.  As you can see from the images below she had a great time.



In the picture below I dared her to do the old dance called the “Cabbage Patch”.  I could never quite convince her to do it but when I attempted to demonstrate it… well… below is what happened.



4 thoughts on “Valonda Calloway – Photoshoot

  1. Libby

    You’ve done it again! I love this very sharp images; the white background against such a very beautiful royal blue! Beautiful images of a beautiful woman.

  2. Frank

    Man these are gorgeous high key shots that really bring out the vivid colors of her outfit. I wish that she would’ve had the camera when you were doing the cabbage patch. Priceless!!!

  3. Glenn Dennis (JusLookN from DPReview))

    Beautiful photos of a very photogenic woman! She seems so casually suited to all of the ideas shown here! Great work as usual Ivan! Wish her luck in her next venue, there’s no doubt she’s having a great career!

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