James & Shanika 3/4/2017

I’ll never forget when my wife came home last year (2016) and shared with me that she met a young lady named Shanika that was getting married.   It feels as though the time rushed by from our first wedding consultation to when I was capturing the last moment.

One thing that truly shines about this couple is that they are happy.   The amount of times that I saw James make Shanika laugh was just a testimony to how a thriving relationship should be.   May God bless the two of you as you continue your life together.      Below are a few memories from their wedding day.

If you want to see all of the wedding images from their day  -> CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE FULL GALLERY OF IMAGES

JamesShanikaBlog_001  JamesShanikaBlog_002JamesShanikaBlog_003JamesShanikaBlog_004JamesShanikaBlog_005JamesShanikaBlog_006JamesShanikaBlog_007JamesShanikaBlog_008JamesShanikaBlog_009JamesShanikaBlog_010JamesShanikaBlog_011JamesShanikaBlog_012JamesShanikaBlog_013JamesShanikaBlog_014

3 thoughts on “James & Shanika 3/4/2017

  1. Antwan Dukes Sr.

    Everything looks great and went great. Niece love you enjoyed everything too.

  2. Shanika Woods

    We would like to Thank you all for being apart of our union Love you. Thank you for the comments. Would like to Thank my photographer and his wife also, for their services he captured great moments Thank you so, much.

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