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A Powerful Bond – Mother & Baby

One of the strongest forces on the earth is the bond that a mother has for her baby. God created this special bond and it is a beautiful sight to behold when you can see the love being shared back and forth. Today I had the chance to meet and photograph Baby Girl Mariyah. She is a precious little angel even though she can get cranky at times. Here are a few priceless memories from our shoot today.


Too precious…….


In the picture below, she is gazing into her mom’s eyes.





Babies deserve and demand love, nurturing and attention.. if you look close enough you can see baby Mariyah smiling as her mom gives her a gentle kiss.



In this shot Mariyah was starting to get cranky however, the picture is still adorable.


Right now she is holding onto mom as she vents her frustration.



Now she feels a lot better after getting her frustration out.


Not a care in the world. Time for a little nap….


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Aleah’s 6th Birthday

We are coming off of a very long but nice weekend. My baby girl celebrated her 6th birthday. To God be the glory for granting every hour, day and year that we have on this earth.

For starters my daughters name is Aleah.

Dymond, Aleah and Destiny.


At Church (North East Baptist Church) Erika is Aleah’s best friend. None of the adults at the party could figure this out.. but some kind of way the girls came up with their own routine and they wowed us with their moves.

Erika, Aleah and Destiny pictured below.

Before we knew it.. the music’s beat picked up and the girls could not resist the urge to start doing the Funky Chicken. They broke it down all the way to the floor. Below is Aleah with her buddy Ericka.. who I call Ericka Berika.


As the photographer and Dad I never have the chance to get in the pictures. Here is the only picture that documents my presence at this party with my baby girl.


Aleah is also a mommy’s girl as well. Here she is with her mom Sandra.


This cake was almost too pretty to cut. However, I know that any day now I’ll be walking through the house (at night) and one of these little figurines will stab me right in my foot. If you’re a parent then you know how it can get. Toy’s can be quite painful.


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For My Wife – I Wanna Thank You

I dedicate the song below to my sweetness, Tiffanie P. Watkins,  also known as my wifey.  As I was working on pictures I heard this come on Pandora and it made me think about you. Click on the song below to listen.

Maze - I Wanna Thank You