Joshua & Jasmine December 17,2016

I had the honor of capturing the special day of Joshua & Jasmine. They had  a beautiful ceremony with an intimate group of family and friends present.  Below are a few images from their day.  May God bless the two of you as you begin your union as husband and wife.





2 thoughts on “Joshua & Jasmine December 17,2016

  1. Pamela Parker

    To: Ivan Watkins – the photographs and slide show with the music brought tears to my eyes. It was absolutely amazing. Joshua and Jasmine will absolutely love it. Very great work! You are truly Blessed in photography. Thank you for making my daughter and her husband’s day so special! Thank you!

  2. Jasmine McCrae

    I cannot thank you enough for capturing our special day and bringing it to life. There were several times when I didn’t even see you taking the pictures but you managed to capture all the right moments. The video was absolutely beautiful and instantly brought us back to that day! You did an outstanding job and I am so grateful!!

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