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The 127th Anniversary of North East Baptist Church

On November 18, 2007 we celebrated our 127th year of praising God and teaching people about Jesus Christ. The event was filmed and we just completed the DVD that will serve as a historical video for future generations to enjoy.

I invite you to view the trailer by clicking on the triangle below.

Order your copy today for $10.00 by contacting me (Ivan) either at church, via telephone, e-mail or by filling out the “contact” form at

A Christmas Gift

About one week before Christmas I was contacted with a special request. There was a woman that wanted to create a slideshow that would be given as a gift to her mom and dad. The goal of the slideshow was to relive some of the precious memories that had taken place starting in the early 1900’s up through the present. Many lives have been touched and inspired by this couple.

To view the video simply click the triangle below.

To view more slideshows go to

Christmas Photos With The Davis Family

The Davis family welcomed me into their home to help capture Christmas photographs for this year. There was a lot of laughter, healthy banter back and forth and just the overall spirit of Christmas was in the home.


Below are Caden and Tony posing for a father and son portrait.


This last photograph contains the entire family.


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Christmas Photos With A Mother And Daughter

The Browns were a fun family to photograph. Between the mom and the daughter the pictures came out just wonderful. The two of them are very photogenic and they seemed to be made for the camera. One major perk associated with capturing them was that they were natural models. They knew how to pose and would just create different postures on the fly without hardly any thought.


Below are more lovely portraits of mother and daughter.



Last but not least here is the princess of the house..


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A Dog’s Tranquility

This is the Watkins’ family pet “Ace Jamal Watkins”. He joined our family at the tender age of 5 weeks old when my daughter Aleah  was only 6 months of age.  Aleah and Ace are two peas in a pod and he will watch out for her because they’ve literally grown up together. He is one of the most docile American Pit Bull Terriers that one can meet.  When he’s not outside entertaining the children he goes into a SERIOUS relax mode.  As you can see,  he has it very good.  When I’m not harassing him he lives a tranquil life.


Video: NEBC’s Woman’s Workshop – Don’t Get Off The Train

North East Baptist Church held a powerful workshop for women.    I invite you to watch the 4 parts of this workshop.   

“How To Reach Your Divine Destiny”

North East Baptist Church

3204 Highway 55

Durham, NC 27713

Facilitated by Minister Yvette Crawford and Reverend Shirrell McNeill of Butterfly Wings Restorative Ministry

Each part runs about 25 minutes.





Statement From Back Of Bulletin:

 “Sisters in Salvation and The Women’s Support Group would like to thank you for your support and participation in this seminar.  We pray that this even had helped you to stay on your “Spiritual Train”. Your presence here today is not an accident. It is part of your journey and God’s plan for your life. We hope you have enjoyed this part of your train ride. Continue to listen to the Conductor (Jesus) because only HE can take you to your “Divine Destiny”!!”

If this workshop has been a blessing to you and you’d like to watch it from the comfort of your livingroom then DVD’s are available for purchase.  The cost per DVD is only $10.00.  To order a copy contact me at