New Business Card For 2010

I decided that for 2010 I would change my business card. At first I was going to go with a very simple minimalist approach which consisted of my logo, website and other contact information on a solid black card.

You know….. the whole “less is more” train of thought….

However, I rethought that and said that I’d like a card that is visually engaging and encourages the person to look at the card.  Sort of like a mini billboard or advertisment.

While eating dinner and watching my kids play Mrs. Pac Man on my T.V. the card below slowly started to take shape.

Here is my new card for 2010 .


2 thoughts on “New Business Card For 2010

  1. Libby

    This is a very nice business card. It screams, “I’m a professional!” I think it’s a great representation of your past work. 😀

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