Lady Dionna – Model Shoot

Have you ever met someone who’s personality is so energetic, bubbly and out going that it becomes contagious.  Well that is how Dionna is.  On Saturday morning around 9:20 am I received the call asking…. “Are You Ready To Shoot?”.  Yes, I was ready… this is one of those shoots that I’ve been waiting for.   Dionna has the personality as well as the looks to go with it.  She’s one of those gals that are just fun to be around and she will even give you a high five if she’s in agreement with you.

We took a lot of images, only a few are here, but the one below has to be my favorite.  I’ll never forget I was trying to demonstrate this pose and as you can imagine… me trying to show this pose  “ain’t” a pretty site.  However, Dionna nailed it and turned it into a piece of art.  I will let you in on a secret….  after this pose Dionna said… “Whew man  that pose hurt…. but we got it lol.”  

So here is my public thanks to her for just putting up with my requests because I know this is a demanding pose to try and hold with the chair digging into your neck all while trying to keep a straight line.








You can be assured that you will see more images of Lady Dionna in the future.

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