Butterfly Wings The Play – Don’t Miss It

It is that time of year again where we can experience the powerful story of how Jesus Christ can completely change a person’s life.  The inspiration for this play was given to Rev. Shirrell McNeill.  The focus of the performance is to share how Jesus Christ can transform a lost soul into a man or woman of God.

I’ll never forget  the first season of this play where it was  performed by volunteer members of the North East Baptist Church members on NCCU’s campus.  It was a very powerful theatrical performance where one could tell that the actors went beyond just acting.  The 2nd season involved professionally designed sets and stage lighting and was performed at the Carolina Theater. As I watched the story unfold before my eyes I literally forgot  that I was watching a play because the multiple story lines were engaging. So here we are in the 3rd season. Without breaking confidentiality let me say that the newest play has infused some of the “rawness” from 1st season as well as providing us with “more” development of some characters that hasn’t been seen in previous versions.

Artistic Credits for Flyer:

Graphic Design by Jesse Maybin of Str84wrd Creative Design Group

Photography by Ivan Watkins (cast in front of white background & homeless scene)

We invite you to share this with others, purchase your tickets and experience this powerful play with a life changing message.


Friday  November 21, 2008 -  8:00 p.m.

Saturday November 22, 2008 – 7:30 p.m.

The play will be performed at Oven’s Auditorium in Charlotte, NC
Ticket’s GO ON SALE October 11th

Tickets are $25 from October 11th – November 4th

OFFICIAL NAME OF PLAY: “Claudines Story”

Tickets may be purchased from ticketmaster by clicking the link below http://www.ticketmaster.com/Claudines-Story-tickets/artist/1262174



If you don’t want to drive then we’ve got you covered.  For transportation from Durham to Charlotte call  Bishop L. Gene Hatley (919) 636 – 0907 for details.

Visit the official website for more information http://www.butterflywingsllc.com/theplay





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