A Child Singing Unto God

This past week our church conducted a Youth Music Workshop Extravaganza. Minister Roland Perry and the other clinicians did an outstanding job of working with the youth. On Friday night a concert was held and all of the children sang their hearts out. Towards the end of the concert Mr. Best (NEBC Drummer) had his wife hand me their camcorder because there was a special guest that was about to sing. I had NO idea of the magnitude of the gift that was about to be captured on film. This child worshipped God through song. Once he was done he reverted back to a quiet and humble child and that made his worship even more inspiring. Hopefully this video clip will bless you the way it blessed everyone that was present.


To GOD be the glory for all the gifts that He bestows.

Singer contact
Anthony Brown
c/o Mt Olive Missionary Baptist Church
118 Johnson Street
Fayetteville, NC 28303

Phone: (910) 868-2770 Fax (910) 864-9667
Email: mtolivefay@mountolivembc.org

I have one more thing to share with you before you leave this blog entry.


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206 thoughts on “A Child Singing Unto God

  1. PastorT

    Absolutely amazing!!! My soul was stirred and filled with joy at the call of that name that is above all other names. You cannot call on the name of Jesus and not be touched in one way another. May the name of Jesus continue to be high and lifted up in all forms of expression. Talent can go along way, but the annointing is what makes the difference. You go boy!!!!!

  2. huntswife42

    Oh my Lord, you are worthy to be praised. I am not sure if I was expecting such power to come from a young boy, but man did God shower this young man with his blessings! Glory Hallelujah, once again, he showed up, and showed out. My God is an awesome God, and I pray the strength and the passion for Christ for this young man to continue to do the work of our God. Jesus, oh how I love to call his name. God bless you young man!

  3. Andria

    I lost my husband over a year ago and it has been very hard for me and my now 2 year old daughter. This angel, this child of God has brought me so much happiness. The first time I saw this video clip, it gave me chills all over my body. I know the Holy Ghost had taken over my body and I needed that. Glory be to God was the last text message my husband sent in his cell phone, and I feel his spirit every time I listen to this wonderful child sing God’s praise. Thank you for bringing me back closer to God!!! GLORY BE TO GOD!!!!!!!!

  4. Amber

    Was the child or the organ player leading……I was confused a little. He has a beautiful voice nice runs.

  5. Marva

    Blessed….How Blessed and anoited this child is….is what I said as the tears began to stream my face…He reminds me a lot of myself at his age…Tell him to keep singing to the glory of God …Cause the ememy will try to seek him out and take him away from his ministry. He truly has a minstry for singing praises unto GOD….I will pray that GOD continues to bless his ministry…We do not want the ememy to rob him and destroy the gifts and blessing that GOD has set before him….In his devine Glory….WE will need him in these trying times cause truly there is a healing in his anoited voice…. GOD BLESS YOU SON KEEP ON SINGING!!!! 2 THE GLORY OF GOD!!!! AND MAY HE KEEP U N HIS CARE!!! Vallejo, CA

  6. Tony C

    His gift is strong and I pray that he keeps his focus…he is a true blessing to this walk and he can only grow stronger in Jesus with all our prayers.

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