42nd J.W. Smith Family Reunion Video & Pictures November 22, 2007

Note: At the end of this post is a link to complete gallery of photographs that were taken. 

I’ve been asked how could this be a Smith reunion and my last name is Watkins.  This reunion is on my Mother’s side of the family.

This past Thanksgiving my family held their reunion.  The location was Winston-Salem,NC and the hosts where my cousin Brian and my two sisters Eileen and Benita.  We had a joyous occasion and there was plenty of fellowship, laughter, thoughts back to the past and new moments to be remembered.

   One major surprise to all of us was the appearance by our cousin Pete from St. Croix whom we haven’t seen in years.  During the reunion I was busy running around with my camera to try and capture all the people and highlights of the evening.  This will allow us to revisit our reunion for many years to come and it also serves as a historical record of who was in attendance.


The hosts for this family reunion where my cousin Brian and my two sisters Eileen and Benita.  During the family reunion we decided to show a documentary on our family history.  It was an honor putting this documentary together. Visiting with my great aunts so that they could share history with us was invaluable.  Special thanks to cousin Patty for having the foresite to videotape the older generations many years ago.  Some of her footage proved to be priceless for this project. I thank all the family members that sent in pictures for the show.

You can view our family’s documentary/slideshow by clicking on the video below. 


Click on the link below to view the pictures.  Note: If you want a picture for yourself then you can buy them straight from the website or download it to your computer.   Just click the “buy photo” or “multiple photo” link above any picture. 


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