Fatima At Straw Valley – Model Shoot

I had the opportunity to shoot with Fatima. She’s been in the modeling industry for 11 years.   Fatima will probably kill me for saying this but… scouting out areas to shoot in with her is like trying to keep up with “The Crocodile Hunter”.   She has no fear (except for bugs) and she will cross rivers, balance on suspension bridges and brave snake filled waters to get her shot.   When she gets into modeling mode she’s a piece of cake to work with.  She had her own suggestions on poses but she was also open minded about things that I tried to throw out.  You can’t tell it by the photo but the wall that she is posed on is about 8 feet high and 5 inches wide.  Can you say “Brave”?     My thoughts.. oh God just don’t let her fall. When you look at her pictures check out the ones where she just let go and started to laugh and smile.  Her smile literally lights up the frame and can bring  joy and a sense of fun to anyone looking at it.

Yes, she knows how to do her thang and she’s very photogenic but she also has the heart to help out.  One thing that shocked me after our shoot was that she proactively helped to unplug lights, pack up umbrellas,softboxes and light stands.  She helped to  haul stuff back to the van and there was not even one comment about the possibility of breaking a nail.  I thought about asking her to lift the gas powered generator and put it back in van for me but that would have been a bit much.   I’m looking forward to shooting with her again and working on some of the other concepts that we’ve sketched out.  Keep checking back because soon there will be more.

By the way, the property where we did the shoot is called Straw Valley. It is located in Durham, NC near Wal-mart on 15-501.  Special thanks to Scott H. Bednaz (919) 844 – 2145 for allowing us access to the property.  They are in the process of developing an all in one wedding facility for brides to be.















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7 thoughts on “Fatima At Straw Valley – Model Shoot

  1. Fatima

    Had lots of fun on our shoot Mr. Watkins!! I love your vision and how you capture angles!! I knew that shooting with you would be a joy and it absolutely was!! I apologize for my lack of energy and frustration with myself…our next few ventures (we only have like what…5, 6 other locations and ideas to cover???) will be EVEN BETTER!! Looking forward to them all!!


  2. admin Post author

    I enjoyed it as well and yes I think that we have 5 or 6 more shoots scheduled LOL. Eventually we will get through them all. Looking forward to every one.

  3. Carolyn

    Ivan the pictures are great! Because I was there as the MUA and saw what you guys had to work with I amazed at what you captured.

    Fatima looks great in all the shots making it hard for me to pick a favorite.

    Fatima and Ivan you guys worked it!

  4. Fatima

    Hott!! Wow, these were taken 1 year and 1 month ago…you know how excited we are to see and use images after a shoot and then the others that aren’t used are just “shelved”? It’s always good to go back and look through the ones that didn’t get posted right away and see how many more images catch your eye than the very first time you saw them…These are great!! I sense a certain sadness in my mood and I know something was going on but I don’t remember what but it looks like we still had fun!! Now time to DROWN THAT GOWN!!

    P.S. Straw Valley is a furniture store now…who would have thunk it????

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