Julian Guthrie – Senior Shoot

Julian Guthrie is a senior at Hillside Highschool and he plays the snare drum.   Julian asked if I would take his senior photos with his band uniform.  I was seriously excited about the opportunity because there were so many different directions that we could take this shoot.  The first image that came into my mind was Julian drumming on a drum with water going everywhere.   In my mind, this shoot was divided into two logical sections.


1. A shoot for Julian and I.

2. A shoot for the parents and family.

Here I present to you Julian Guthrie graduating with the class of 2009.











4 thoughts on “Julian Guthrie – Senior Shoot

  1. Yearby Sr.

    It is easy for most of us to take a picture, but it takes skill to capture the essence and character that a persons displays while being phographed. Great job Ivan, you have a good eye for seeing what a lot of people miss.

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