The Foiler

I was kicking back thinking about what I could possibly create for my next liquid vision entry.  The idea of aluminum foil came to mind.   So I thought to myself “What about it? How can you make foil interesting in a way that people have never seen before?”.   Hmmmmm, how about a foil man, catching a foil ball rolling down a foil box (like a slide).

The idea to me was intriguing but there was yet another twist.  I wanted to be able to see the motion of the ball rolling and the man catching it.   So why did this appeal to me?  Because there was a photographic puzzle before me that had to be solved.    Not only did I have to light the scene but I had to figure out how to precisely control the light and make it do what I needed.

On the surface it seems simple but trust me…. its not.  Another variable that had to be factored into this puzzle was the timing of the ball moving freely.   Well enough of the brainy stuff….

There are no photoshop tricks involved to create this affect only a single frame was shot.  Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “The Foiler

  1. Melinda Wall

    This is sooo cool !!! I reminds me of the pin hole camera projects at school..only ALOT more complicated. Ivan, our photography dreams and ambitions are so much alike…only you have done it…admire you my brother !!

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