The Faces of Emily

Emily and I have a passion for creating images that make one think “how in the world did they come up with that”. After a few weeks of talking we agreed that we’d set an appointment to start capturing some images. Emily has a down to earth personality but she is also game for thinking outside of the box. For this photoshoot we went went for several different styles.  As you can probably tell it was a very fun shoot and I’m looking forward to being able to work with her again.  We have several other shoots in mind and will reveal them as they are completed.




During this session I asked Emily if she could give me a very creative expression while she had the sophisticated hair do going on.


Next we decided to change the mood of the shoot and mix things up a bit.  Before we allowed our more artisitic sides to kick in I noticed something very interesting.  Emily’s cat has eyes that compliment hers very well.  Therefore, I had her let her hair out and pick up her cat so that we could grab this shot.


Next, we decided that we’d go for a hip sassy gal type of look with a hint of attitude.


Now its time to start getting creative.  Here is a little play on depth of field and a fiesty pink bracelet that she owns.


Now the fun starts… Emily told me that she had a pink wig and so I asked her to go ahead and grab it.  We didn’t want to hide her natural hair because we wanted this to look “off the wall” and more on the artsy  side of things.  There are some wild and crazy poses that can be seen on my main website.



To end our evening we decided to completely change the mood again.  I asked Emily to put on something that would compliment the color of eyes.  Once she came out then we agreed on a color gel to use on one of the lights and here is the resulting image.


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