Isolated and Serene

Being isolated and serene is what I cherished the other day. There are times when it is nice to just sit alone without having to talk on the phone, without watching TV and without the slight drone of traffic passing by. I snuck away the other day to a place that helps me to recharge.

As I drove up the road my mind raced in anticipation of being Isolated and Serene. You may ask yourself.. what does that mean? Well here it is… Imagine a two lane highway where several bridges cross a peaceful lake. Imagine ripples on the water that get created as a result of fish feeding. Imagine a gentle breeze and the fresh smell of newly cut grass in the air.

I pulled off the side of the road and peered down what would be about a 1/4 of a mile walk through the forest. Lush vegetation surrounding me.. ticks on leaves hounding me… however that was no reason to stop.. I had to press forth… I had a chair in one hand.. a book in the other… and my dog leading the way.

Imagine the feeling of finally walking free of the vegetation into a more clear spot where the trees are sparse and you hear the sound of gentle waves caressing the nearby bank. No cars, no people, just God, me, my chair, my book and my dog. Yes, the trek through the brush was worth it because now my reward is right before me… it surrounds me.

I set my chair down about 1 foot from the lake edge, took off my shoes and admired God’s creation… You know that only the one and only Living God and His Son Jesus can create something so beautiful. I leaned back and just closed my eyes as the breeze from the lake engulfed me. So tranquil, so unaltered, so perfect.. those were my thoughts. I didn’t have to worry about looking out for anything because my dog had that part covered.. he was my eyes behind my back. Steadily patrolling the foliage behind me.

I took off my shoes and let my feet glide through the sand….. refreshing. Not a man made sound to contaminate my ears. . . just the gentle songs that only nature can provide. My little spot, a gentle breeze . . . . a place that my God has supplied.

I spent a few moments reading and just soaking it all up…. until…. I had been refreshed…..

Isolated and Serene

One thought on “Isolated and Serene

  1. Alida

    You thought Ace had your back?? how those thoughts have changed recently, lol Ace is a follower, not a leader.

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