Discipleship Evangelism Graduation 2008

Today the students of the 2008 Discipleship Evangelism class graduated. This is a significant event for the graduates as well for their families. The certificates presented to them represent a number of things. First and foremost it represents their desire to go forth, share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help make other disciples. It represents their persistence because they had to press forward, write the term papers, attend class on a regular basis and even engage in challenging role plays with the entire class watching. The purpose of the role plays was to expose the students to various situations, personalites and obstacles that they may face while being a witness for Jesus Christ. In a nutshell, the certificate represents their committment to learning how to confidently share the need for Jesus Christ with others as well as proving that they can do it.

Pastor Rev. Cornelius Battle, shown below, hosted the graduation service at Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church in Durham, NC.


The NEBC Discipleship team is lead by Minister Estella Feaster (middle) and Ms. Cheryl Dean (left) . Some of the other discipleship counselors that assisted were Warner & Glenn Heartwell, Derrick & Brenda Cameron, Teresa Jones, Vanessa Blackshear and others.


Below we see a few of the students holding their certificates and reflecting on what this means in their lives.




In the photograph below, Minister Feaster thanks Brother Derrick Cameron for helping to faciliate some of the classes.


At the close of the ceremony Pastor Battle lead the newly equipped team of disciples in prayer.


Sister Cheryl Dean surprised minister Feaster by presenting a plaque to her.


More photographs were captured. You can view the entire collection and/or order prints by visiting the link here –>  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE REST OF THE GALLERY


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