The “QuiSe” Project

A few weeks ago The Haddock family approached me about a special project for their son Marquise.  They mentioned that he is coming out with a CD and they required both photography and graphic design.   We set up a meeting to discuss some of the imagery and set dates to actually do all of the shooting.  Once the images were captured I spent time creating the 4 pages and CD label using the text, image choices and font selections from the family.  During our meeting I had the chance to hear some of the songs and I was really impressed.   This young man is extremely talented and all the songs were written, arranged and produced by him.   Below you will find some of the images from our shoot followed by the final designs.













Here is the disk label that will be printed on each CD.


Listen To Sample Tracks

01 Intro
02 Arrival
03 Real Deal (featuring Duceswild)
04 Why I Try (remix featuring Duceswild)
05 Hold You Down
06 Make Her Feel
07 All Alone
08 Takes Too Long
09 Donald Duck Freestyle
10 Just Chillin
11 Already Know
12 Being Me

To order your copy contact Marquise Haddock at (919) 620 – 0688

The CD insert pages are featured below.


14 thoughts on “The “QuiSe” Project

  1. Trev Haddock

    I am so impressed with this collaboration. I am blown away with the remarkable talent shown in this project. Marquise’s exceptional ability to write, arrange and produce music, while Ivan once again, displays true mastery of photography and graphic designs. Excellent work!

  2. Monique Haddock

    OMG can’t believe that this is my nephew. Ivan your talent is amazing (of course you had a handsome subject:) ) Your use of lighting and how you got him to convey emotion in his shots is truly amazing. The two of you together make beautiful art.

  3. GP

    WOW! you are amazing. The first words out of my mouth was “Who is this”. So when I say you are my grandson, you are really a GRAND Son. The QUISE Project is looking good.

  4. Angie King

    Nothing but blessings ahead for a nice young man as your self. stay positive stay focus and continue the good work that you have displayed thus far. know that you are FAVORED.

  5. Scott

    Usher – move over – here comes QuiSe!!!!

    Wow – what a good looking young man! Looks like a young Michael Haddock! Hollywood brace yourself.

    I like track 5 – Hold You Down.

    Remember Quise be extra good to the old man and the old lady.

    Best Wishes for a galactic career!

  6. Mike's twin

    I am feeling track 3, Real Deal. Good luck this weekend! You are gonna need to start up a facebook page just for your music, separate from your personal stuff so we can send folks to the page to check you out.

  7. Mike's twin

    I like track 3, real deal. Of course I have the full CD and am looking forward to playing on the way home.

    Do you have a facebook fan page? Be a good way to generate some interest with friends and family sharing your page with their friends and family etc…

  8. Aunt Mitzi


    Is this my nephew???? WOW!!! You more handsome than ever. I am so EMOTIONAL looking at this website(pictures). Marquise all grown up and everything. I can hardly see what I am typing. I love this music. You go BOY!!!!

  9. Ivan Aguigui

    Whoah!!! Pics are too clean and you already have a huge fan base, me included! You have super power talent and definitely ready for the world! Continue to keep
    it monsta-like!!!


  10. Teresa Edwards

    I am soooooooooo impressed!!!! He has grown up into such a talented young man. Love the pics on the CD cover. I think I see a star in the making. I know you are proud Mike. Good luck and I wish you all the success in the world.

  11. Uncle El

    My little nephew isn’t so little anymore. A tremendous talent!!! Not surprising, the Artistic Gene runs very Deep in the Haddock Family.

    Marquise- Don’t aim for success if you want it; just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally. I think you are well on your way. I am proud of you.

    Yo Mike !!! Congrats , that’s your son.Continue to keep him grounded and balances. Where is my Music?

    Uncle El

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