Hillside High School Class of 1970 Year Book DVD

This had to be one of the most interesting projects that I’ve had in the past few months.  Yes, I’ve photographed some exciting events but this project was cut from a different mold.   The HHS Class of 1970 committee approached me with a unique idea.  They wanted to know if I could convert their hard copy year book into a DVD that other class members could purchase and watch.   The main thing I needed to hear was that we had permission from the original company from a copy right point of view.  Each page was too large to be scanned and so I had to photograph each one.

After several meetings & proposals we settled on what the final product would be.   One request was related to the look and feel of the DVD Label.  They said it should be “retro”.   With that being understood I came up with the afro/bell bottom design below and they approved it.


Below is the DVD menu that plays before the actual yearbook is shown. 

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