High Dynamic Range – Experiment With Light

All of us have places in our homes that are just boring to look at. I decided to see if I could make a boring part of my home look more lively through the careful manipulation of light intensity, the color of light and camera angle.

Here is the result of the experiment.


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One thought on “High Dynamic Range – Experiment With Light

  1. Dick

    Ivan…what you described as a boring part of your home, looks inviting, well kept and very comfortable. I LIKE IT VERY MUCH. I don’t know it looked like before…but it is really appealing to me. Your photography skills shine again,I also like your choice of furniture.

    I will look at more of this tomorrow, but for now I need to take care of some tasks that can’t wait. I haven’t looked at the rest of this email yet. I want you to know I enjoy receiving your emails. Bye for now.

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