Romance Is In The Air

There is something sacred about seeing a married couple truly enjoy each other’s company. I received a call from Ed stating that he wanted to surprise his wife. The two would be chauffeured around town in a limousine. He had planned an evening that would be filled with love, laughter, entertainment and dining. However, unbeknownst to her their first stop was to have some photographs captured.

A few days earlier Ed shared with me that he wanted to capture a “Romantic” mood in the photographs. After he shared the mood that he wanted to capture he also told me “we will only have 30 minutes because the driver will be outside waiting”.

When everything was said and done I think we spent between 10 and 20 minutes capturing portraits.

Below are a few photos from the session.






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5 thoughts on “Romance Is In The Air

  1. Marnita Edwards


    I thought that the photographs were very tasteful. They are so clear you almost feel like you are in the room with the couple. The photos show so much emotion. You can really see how much they love each and like each other. It is one thing to love your partner but it is even better when you truly like that person also. Your photos shows the love, respect,and passion of this couple. Are you offering this as a new service for your company because I am interested in talking to you. Great work.

  2. glenn

    Lovely closeups. You captured the couples passion and laughter. That’s a winning combination for a fun evening to keep the fires burning. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. NEBC "Mayor"

    Ivan, someone penned the phrase “Love is a many splendid thing”, and you have visibly brought that phrase to life in your rendition of the splendid evening shared by this couple. Continue the great work that you are doing through your ministry gift.

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