Family Reunion 2009 – Turkey Day

This past Thursday I was blessed to spend time with my family.  Each Thanksgiving we have a family reunion and it is a memorable experience to break bread, laugh and just spend time with the people that have played an important part in my life.    Below are a series of images that I captured on Thursday in between relaxing and savoring all the food.  We had everything from youth showing their latest dance moves, to talent shows and just children having fun clowning around.




2 thoughts on “Family Reunion 2009 – Turkey Day

  1. Libby

    Y-E-S! I love what you’ve done with these shots. And I agree, a collage tells a story faster than individual images can. These are amazing. Let me know when you’re featured in a gallery.

  2. Frank

    Ivan, it looks as if you all enjoyed yourselves on turkey day. I chuckled at the selective color image, but I love the way you used it. It has inspired me to use one in the near future. As usual great images especially the detailed one’s in the second set. Btw, it’s good to see that you were included in one of the images.

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