Doing Homework

Today I told the children to make sure that they get their homework done because we have things to do this evening.   I noticed that the normal chatter from my little girl wasn’t taking place.  Actually, it was too quiet.   I thought.. man this is nice. She is buckling down and getting her assigments out of the way.   When I got up to check on her this is what I found.  

It can be a bad thing when your parent is a photographer.   If the Lord allows me to live a long life then I’m going to bring this back to her remembrance when she’s an adult with her own children.  This is going in the family photo album.


2 thoughts on “Doing Homework

  1. Libby

    She is most definitely in “deep thought.” I wonder what assignment put her out like that. lol I’ve definitely had a few in my day. zzzzzzz

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