Daily Archives: November 12, 2010

Cat Woman – Emily

One thing that I truly love about photography is the wide range of ideas & concepts that one can explore and capture.   Whenever I receive an e-mail or call from Emily I know that life is about to go from “regular run of the mill” to “exciting and not sure what I’m about to shoot next”.    She’s one of the most creative and outgoing models that I know. 

Emily shot me an e-mail and I could tell by the way she wrote that she was excited about a new idea.   She said “Ivan I want to do a catwoman shoot.”  Being a fan of the Marvel Comic book movies I found this idea to be very intriguing to me.   Catwoman . . . now this should be interesting.

Emily is about the only one that can truly relate to my homework assignments at the Art Institute.  On Friday November 5th I made my way over to “Studio 921″ which is Emily’s haven for artistic paintings, sculptures and such.  When I walked through the door I thought “WOW” she really is cat woman.  We checked out a few wigs. One of them consisted of long black hair and another was a solid  platinum wig but I wasn’t feeling them at all.  I decided that her natural blond hair would work best for this shoot.   We cranked up the music in her place and the rest is history.  Be on the lookout in the near future for our “Super Girl” shoot.





Les Long – Comedian

This past Saturday I had the chance to hook up with Les Long for a photoshoot at St. Augustine College in Raleigh, NC.   He’s currently working on a new comedy tour and needed new images for use on the posters and advertistments.   Just about the entire time Les was just cutting up.  You’ll even see in the first image where I even had to go off grid to try and keep up with what he doing.

You can learn more about Les and follow what he’s up to by visiting his website -> http://leslongshow.com/