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Candice – Model Shoot

This past weekend I had the chance to hookup with Candice to do a photoshoot at Duke Gardens.  Boy was it busy and people were everywhere but everything worked out really well.  Her husband came along and he made my job a lot easier. Having a second pair of hands really helped the shoot to move along at faster pace.  He helped me lug the gear around kept an eye on it while we were shooting and the rest is history.

I’ll never forget when I saw the deep blue sky I said.. I’ve got to grab a shot of you in front of that sky.

We only had time for two changes of clothes but once the afternoon was complete we had some fantastic images.








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Matthew & Tracy – Fun Couple/Model Shoot

Here we have Matthew and Tracy.  As you look at their pictures I want you to think “energizer bunny” when you see them.   The are a very fun couple to work with, they have great ideas, they are very photogenic, they are flexible and are just a  great couple to spend time around.   They love to laugh, cut up, get crazy and just flat out enjoy life.    I wish you could hear some of the comments that went on in between the photos. We decided to go forward with the shoot this past Saturday to create all the images that we had previously discussed.   I’m looking forward to working with these two again.













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Katas On The Lake

One fun thing about being a photographer is that you get to meet different people and come together to brainstorm on ideas.   The idea behind this shoot was to see if we could mimick some of the Martial Art Katas that one commonly sees in martial arts movies.

We decided that we would meet at Crab Tree Lake because the sky, air and view of the lake make for a very serene location.  Photography is a fun outlet for artistic expression and it was rewarding to see our brainstorm of an idea become a reality.









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The Faces of Emily

Emily and I have a passion for creating images that make one think “how in the world did they come up with that”. After a few weeks of talking we agreed that we’d set an appointment to start capturing some images. Emily has a down to earth personality but she is also game for thinking outside of the box. For this photoshoot we went went for several different styles.  As you can probably tell it was a very fun shoot and I’m looking forward to being able to work with her again.  We have several other shoots in mind and will reveal them as they are completed.




During this session I asked Emily if she could give me a very creative expression while she had the sophisticated hair do going on.


Next we decided to change the mood of the shoot and mix things up a bit.  Before we allowed our more artisitic sides to kick in I noticed something very interesting.  Emily’s cat has eyes that compliment hers very well.  Therefore, I had her let her hair out and pick up her cat so that we could grab this shot.


Next, we decided that we’d go for a hip sassy gal type of look with a hint of attitude.


Now its time to start getting creative.  Here is a little play on depth of field and a fiesty pink bracelet that she owns.


Now the fun starts… Emily told me that she had a pink wig and so I asked her to go ahead and grab it.  We didn’t want to hide her natural hair because we wanted this to look “off the wall” and more on the artsy  side of things.  There are some wild and crazy poses that can be seen on my main website.



To end our evening we decided to completely change the mood again.  I asked Emily to put on something that would compliment the color of eyes.  Once she came out then we agreed on a color gel to use on one of the lights and here is the resulting image.


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Alicia – Model Shoot

I had the chance to work with Alicia in a collaborative effort to help expand both of our portfolios. She enjoys modeling and is a junior at North Carolina Central University majoring in finance. It took us probably over a month to eventually settle on a good day for the shoot. At times things came up on my end and I had to cancel and at other times something came up on her end. Eventually, we were able to confirm that Saturday would work out just fine. The location that we chose was Duke Gardens because it has several diverse places and you can find a spot without a lot of people messing up the shot. With that being said, we did have some nosey onlookers watching the shoot for a few minutes.




During the shoot there were several surprises. At one point she was in the middle of striking a pose and the next thing I know she made a shrieking sound and then jumped down off the bench. Well it turns out that she really doesn’t like bugs and there was a daddy long legs crawling towards her. I put down the camera, caught the daddy long legs and threw it through the bamboo window. She looked at me and said ewwwwwwww I can’t believe you just touched that! Well yah know, I gotta get my shot even if that means ditching the bugs in a quick manner. We laughed, she got her nerves back and once I made sure that there were no more bugs then we continued with the shoot.



You can’t tell from the picture below but the shot is from the other side of the wall with the bamboo window. Before we went to that side Alica looked at me and said. Didn’t you just throw the spider onto that side of the hut? I reassured her that the daddy long legs was long gone and on top of that I pulled off two of it’s legs by accident when trying to catch it. Everything was setup for the shot below and then we had another surpise. There was an crawling towards her hand and it was about to get into the picture. I attempted to gently brush it from the wall and ended up squashing it by accident. We both looked at each other, then looked back at the crushed ant and lost a few more moments by getting laughs out of our system but at the same time we felt sorry for the ant because it was not my intent to kill it. We then went back to the task at hand which was to make some nice captures.



By the time the shoot was over we were both amazed at how fast the time had flown by. Beside the spiders, ants and bugs we had a successful shoot. Before leaving the area we scouted out some potential spots to use for next time.

One thing that surprised me was Alicia’s willingness to help me break down my camera gear. She took down and disassembled the soft box, broke down the light stand, packed them up neatly so that I could get to another obligation that was about 35 minutes out. I’m looking forward to working with her again in the future.

Modeling Portfolio Shoot With Leon

The goal of this photo session was to capture three distinct looks…

1. Business

2. Dressed Down casual

3. Urban

Here is one of several images that was shot within the business look category. One thing that I can say about Leon is that he came well prepared with several changes of clothes.


This was one of the shots that just speaks classy. Working with Leon was stress free because he had some of his own ideas as to different styles of shots to try.



Once we had captured our fair share of images at this location we decided that it was time to get out of the suit and switch to the casual dressed down session. Of course this warranted that we change location. We hopped in the van and rode the downtown area looking for potential sites on which to shoot. For this session we found a location that had several architectural features that we could use.

All of the elements came together for this series of shots.. The sky, the aged brick, the metal walkway as well as an abandoned railroad all helped to create the atmosphere that I was looking for.


In this shot Leon is just laid back and relaxed while checking out some of the scenery that was beyond my left shoulder. He nailed the pose and it works well with the settings.


This is one of those classic shots.


You will probably remember that I mentioned that this particular location had interesting features. One of those features was that on the face of one wall was a single room with yellow lights inside. This caught my attention because Leon was sporting a casual blue shirt. If you know the smallest bit about color theory then you know that blue and yellow/gold work well together. This was some what of a tricky shot to pull off. First we had to measure the amount of light coming from the yellow room as well as the brick wall. If the camera was set to let in too little light then the light on the brick would have been too dark. Once those were figured out then we set the amount of light falling on his shirt to be about twice as bright (1 stop) than the light coming from the room. Here is one of several photos that came from the brain exercise and what I call photography math.


(Just in case you’re wondering) I will share with you why I shared so much detail about the thought process that went into the photograph above. My intent was to educate (some of my family and friends) and to teach them that a good deal of thought goes into taking a photograph. Notice that I didn’t say “picture”. I’ll never forget the time that one of my instructors got offended when I mistakenly messed up and called a portrait a picture (at the time I thought.. well it’s a picture what is the big deal). He then went on to explain that a picture is where you just point the camera and shoot without much thought.. a “snapshot” if you will. A photograph is a carefully crafted image that is created once you’ve analyed and adjusted the light sources, the angle of light that falls on the subject to create the shadows (which affects texure and detail) , the camera angle in relation to the subject, the background, the posing of the subject etc…

Now I have a deeper appreciation and respect for the people that have invested many years of their lives toward learning and becoming masters of this craft.

Enough of that rant.. let’s get back to the subject at hand.

Once we got our fair share of dressed down casual shots then Leon was then ready to take it to the streets. He ditched all the dressy clothes and went completely Urban. We lucked up and found an almost empty parking deck that overlooked the American Tobbacco Courtyard located near the Durham Bulls Baseball Stadium.


And of course if you’re going to shoot urban.. you have to include at least one shot for the ladies.


By the time all three sessions were over we were pleased with the images that had been captured. I’m looking forward to my next shoot now.