Super Bowl 43- Event Planner Cynthia Farmer

Last night I was invited to the super bowl party of Rev. Joe and Shirrell McNeill. For the food, Event Coordinator Cynthia Farmer was brought in to ensure that everyone would have enough eats as they yelled, screamed, stomped, did high fives, showed disappointed and talked smack during the game. At one point I saw two ladies making a lot of noise, jumping around and giving each other LOUD high fives directly in front of the screen. At that point in time I had already put my camera away but boy do I wish I had it at that time.

Okay let’s get back to the eats. I was given strict orders that after I captured the food I had to lock my camera up in my car so that I wouldn’t be taking pictures all night. The whole point was that they were going to force me to relax verses working and capturing the moments.

Below you will see some of the food related decorations from Cynthia Farmer as well as some strategically placed candles to help with the friendly atmosphere.

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